It Consulting Services

Pragmative Consulting Group helps companies overcome the challenges of planning, delivery and operation of IT in a complex and changing business environment.

Our approach is to work with IT managers, business managers and their teams to:

delivering business results through active IT strategy and associated projects
maximize investment in existing applications and infrastructure
increase user satisfaction and reduce costs by optimizing the delivery of service

We are capable of this, as we

Have a practical, business-driven approach
Not bound by the solutions and tools and
Has extensive experience in running some of the largest and most complex IT solutions across the public and private sectors

Our consultancy services include:

IT strategy and efficiency - the first step towards a business-oriented IT organization
Evaluation of applications - we ensure that your applications keeps the value
Modernisation of old systems - we provide to maximize investment in existing systems
Flexible work - when work should be what we do and not how we do it
Datacenter Evaluation - review of the data center environment, operation and services in relation to business needs
IT Service Management - helps companies deliver IT services in the world